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Shirley Mear Deep Trance Spirit Medium

My name is Shirley Ann Mear and I know that I was born in the right place at the right time to the right parents. How do I know this? Because without all of the loving help so freely given to me, throughout my life, I would not have become the Deep Trance Medium I am.

I am a fully independent Deep Trance Medium walking The Pathways of Shaman with my Spiritual Tribe; for this is Our tradition. With Them, I form a Circle of 12, working as Soul Healers of The Seven Stars, or The Pleiades. For this reason, I have been called upon to scribe Philosophy for The Standing Bear Who has been chosen, with Others of The Great Star Children, by The Higher Realms of The Great Star Nations to speak Words of Wisdom and Healing for the Broken Heart of Man.

The Standing Bear speaks then, on behalf of Our Tribe and of The Higher Realms Spiritual, that those of a like mind might take Counsel with Him, so that together we might create Pockets of Spirit-Light wherever our Circles of Soul Healers meet; re-igniting the fires of empathy, compassion and self-awareness within the Heart of man to lighten the darkness of this Earth-Walk by the showing of respect for All Living Things in our recognition of Their Divine Worth.

The Tribe describe Us all as Healers, for all is Healing. There is a need, in this weary and worn World, to reconnect the Heart and Mind of man with his one true self; his Very Own Soul.

The Philosophy, soon to be offered to you by both a written book and CD recording, is given for Guidance in Personal Empowerment of The Individual Soul through which Energies flow in Blending with Those of The Higher Realms Spiritual Who seek a Connection through Their Communication with us all.

Words of Wisdom for a deeper understanding of the Trance States are also given by The Standing Bear, Who speaks to lead a way of an Awareness of those States, but most importantly, of a true Awareness of the Divine Importance of each one of us within The Divine Creation.

For we are truly part of the Whole, The One True Soul which is The Divine Creator, and it is through this realisation, and the realisation of the true Worth of Our Very Own Soul, that we come closer in our Communication with, and Connection to, The Realms Spiritual.

The Standing Bear has also Scribed a set of personal Affirmation Cards by which we can find reassurance, each day, of our importance within The Unified Cosmos and from those Affirmations may each of us come to

‘Rejoice in the knowing that I am part of the Whole and
that were I to diminish the Cosmos would mourn’.

In order to help still further, my Tribe have brought me to a deeper understanding the close Companionship and Loving Support of Those of The Higher Brethren of The Great Star Children Who come to us as Sacred Spirit Animals. They have chosen to Walk this Earth-Walk with each of us. I am happy to share my understanding with others that all might know; we do not face this life alone, for we are all gifted with our personal Sacred Spirit Animal Walkers gifting us that all we need on our Journey of the Earth-Pathways. With Their help, we are able to walk with Honour and Courage towards our Homelands in The Realms Spiritual.

Please feel free to browse this Website to discover what you will of The Tribe of The Standing Bear for They have come to offer Their help and guidance in the hope that man will reach a better understanding of himself as well as this glorious Earth, and All Living Things sharing it with us.

In a World of change and despair, the Voice of the Realms Spiritual have chosen to speak to bring solace and hope. For The Tribe, as for myself, I thank you for listening.

May Light, Laughter and Love grace your Pathway, now and for all time.

I thank you for listening (those I wish to thank).


‘I took part in Shirley’s workshop in Resolve, Swansea recently and just wanted to say a massive thank you for such a wonderful and special day. I haven’t stopped talking about it! It has changed the way I look at myself, the way I look at my life and has given me the fortitude to let go of things that were holding me back on my life path. I am so grateful that I was able to meet Shirley, a clearly gifted woman with a big heart and a wonderfully caring nature. I hope that I can attend more of her workshops….KH’.