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Deep Trance Sittings and Courses

I offer private deep trance sittings for any of your individual needs thereby giving opportunities for healing counselling with The Tribe of the Standing Bear.  During the sittings The Tribe, usually The Standing Bear and The Child Abigail, will speak with you about your worries, concerns and any philosophical questions you might have.  All arrangements for sittings and the standard requirements attached to them can be made by Carol Poole ( / tel: 07929 190999) who will make all bookings on my behalf.

I am also happy to give public demonstrations to small groups so that The Tribe can address any questions put to them. I also offer a series of progressive Spirit led courses on leaving aside the complexity surrounding the Trance State and following a Simple Path of Understanding.

Please see posted news for details of current courses or alternatively contact Carol Poole ( / tel: 07929 190999) leaving your details and confirmation of your interest in future dates.  The courses are based upon the Philosophy given by The Tribe, and run in progression over four weekends at two monthly intervals.