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Power Animal Guide


ELARA brings HORSE reminding you to embrace the power of your own true to yourself.

PANDORA brings COYOTE reminding you to allow your Heart to enjoy Life's gifts by being fun-loving.

PHOEBE brings the STAG reminding you to believe in all that you are and to have the courage to follow your dreams.

TETHYS brings SWAN reminding you to maintain your poise in times of worry, remaining true to your higher self.

CALYPSO brings SNAKE reminding you to shed the skins of self-doubt and to expand into your full potential.

THEBE brings LYNX reminding you to keep your own counsel, sharing with others only that which you wish them to know.

RHEA brings DEER reminding you that true gentleness is a great strength - be kind to yourself as much as to others.

ANTHE brings BEAR reminding you to recognise the bounty of your Wisdom to share with all you meet.

AMALTHEA brings BISON reminding you that all you will ever need has been given to you in the wonder of your Being.

METIS brings OWL reminding you to banish the deceit of any misunderstanding so that you see life clearly.

CALLISTO brings OTTER reminding you to rejoice in all things for laughter will lighten the heart when facing obstacles.

HIMALIA brings FOX reminding you to maintain your mystery with dignity and honour without justifying your decisions


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