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Let us Rejoice for today is the festival of Oester the Spring Equinox:- click here for detail




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Shirley Mear Deep Trance Medium

Oester - Let us Rejoice for today is the festival of Oester – the Spring Equinox celebrating the renewal of the fires of life! May abundance return to us from the depths of the slumbering Earth. May the fires of true enlightenment bless us all with renewed energy and a thirst for wisdom.May the Light of the Divine shine out from within us to every Living Thing. May we share with all, the bountiful regeneration of Hope as it is gifted to us and may we Sing the Glorious Song of everlasting life.


Image of Abigail of the Acorn Louise Masters 2012

(20 March 2013)


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I share with you a Scribed Affirmation, given to me by The Standing Bear, that we might lift our minds above the sorrows of this Earth Walk into the Surrender of the Loving Freedom of our Divine Creator Who brings us Peace. So it is that we have journeyed together as friends to this mid-point between the Winter Solstice (Yule) and the Spring Equinox (Oester).  Then let us rejoice in the knowing that new life is beginning to stir – so let the same be true of our understanding of one another, and our own true selves (31 January 2013).


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