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Scribed Written Works


I have Scribed a number of written works* for the Tribe and intend to self-publish them at intervals.  Owing to the fact that I have chosen to remain totally independent, the works will be published in smaller numbers than others and further news will be posted as the work progresses.

The material produced will be Scribed from the Spirit World and currently the Affirmation Cards are available for sale.  The Cards each bear an Affirmation to encourage self-realisation in the importance of our individual self-worth.  The most difficult lesson for each of us to learn is how much of a perfect piece of Creation we are and that we are to love, console and bless our own Being as much as we do others.  We must learn to rejoice in all that we do and in all that we are – the Cards give us a daily reminder, lest we forget.

Other words of Healing will be given in written form for the comfort and understanding of adults, however The Tribe have Scribed Philosophy for everyone and a series ofnine short stories have been offered for children of all ages in the hope that the message of Love, Light and Laughter living on in all of us, will be established.

The Realms of Spirit are anxious that a message of uplifting and continuing support be given, particularly to those whose little ones are facing The Veil of Misunderstanding, that the Broken Heart of Man might find solace in the knowing that Death does not exist – only Life which cannot be extinguished even though the tears of Grief might flow.

The First of the Tales is available through all good outlets.  However, the copies supported by a CD of the Spoken Tale, is only available through my website. ‘Hello my Friend’ is a message from Matthew Peter-Paul, the ‘Just William’ of The Cloudland, telling how it was he lost lose his Feather Knickers but found Eternal Protection from harm!


* All written and/or recorded works and their attendant images are copyright protected being individually registered with UK Copyright Services. Each bears their own ISB number to facilitate future orders.