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Spirit Animal Card Readings

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Should you feel you would benefit from a private Reading, please contact me through the good offices of those who kindly give of their time and energy so that I might Work for The Realms of Spirit:

To book an Animal Card Reading please contact Carol Poole via email:  Prices: By email: £10 per card – max. 3 cards (£30); Skype: £45 minimum 1 hour recorded sitting or Personal Sitting: £45 also minimum 1 hour recorded sitting.  Payment via sister website  

How would you like a free Spirit Animal Card Reading?  Yes, please…..then why not host a party for your friends and whilst relaxing and enjoying each other’s company, Shirley Mear will offer 20 minute private readings to your guests for just £15.00 each / Download or view details

You can also contact:
Carol Poole:
tel: 07929 190999


I am able to offer personal Readings using my my own faithful pack of Animal Cards, by Jamie Sams and David Carson, purchased many years ago for my own guidance and now I rely on them when giving sittings for others.  My use of the pack of cards is as a link for Spirit to speak with clear messages for those requiring counselling and healing.

I am aware that there are now a number of Spirit Animal Cards available in good outlets and on the Internet – each with their own interpretation and each with good books of explanation on the cards and their use in divination.  I do believe that it is a case for each of us to be open to our own likes and dislikes and indeed I do possess a pack of cards based upon the Celtic tradition of my own Fair Isles, but having an affinity with the Native American tradition, it is the one I have adhered to and the one I work with the best.
During personal readings, you will be asked to choose from the cards and each one will bear the image of a Spirit Animal. The Spirit Animal which has stepped forward in answer to your calling will have Its own individual Power, Strength or Talent which has been gifted to It by The Great Creator. This Gift is unique to each Spirit Animal and is offered to you today as uplifting guidance to help you Walk the Talk of your Earthly path.
The number of Spirit Animals coming to you depends on the spread of cards being used and for what purpose, but each of these loving Spirits combine and blend their talents and guidance to help you overcome any situation causing worry or concern in your life at the moment. They come to you that you might recognise your needs and desires. We live a life of hurry, scurry and worry. Too often we place ourselves at the back of the queue, beneath the pile of others’ needs and desires so that we lose sight of our own being and our need for unconditional self-love, caring and healing.

Disclaimer: All Psychic readings and consultations are provided as entertainment services only and do not in any way constitute personal, legal, financial, medical, or any sort of professional advice.