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The Tribe of the Standing Bear

My journey on this Earth Walk has taken me along many pathways seeking understanding and a quenching of my thirst for wisdom.  There have been times of trial; times of woe; times of confusion and times of self-doubt but throughout it all, I have known, not believed, that One has walked with me every step of the way.

We have laughed together; we have cried together.  I have raged against Him in my angry frustration and leant upon Him in times of weariness; depending on His strength and fortitude when my own has left me.  I have always relied upon His counsel and have always heard His gentle Voice of Calm leading me on and giving me hope. 

I have never known Life without Him.  I have never known Life without Communication with Him and I know that when my time comes, I shall pass into the Homelands of The Realms of Spirit with my hand in His and the warmth of His Love about me, as we face together whatever further adventures lay in store for us.

He is The Standing Bear.  He is my Towering Strength but above all things, He is my Trusted and Devoted Friend.

It might well be outside of the norm for a deep trance Medium to speak of a ‘Guide’ in such a way but my Tribe are more than Guides to me. They are my Family, for They are made up of Those from The Realms of Spirit who have chosen to form The Tribe and my Ancestors who have dedicated Their own Lives, Hopes, Dreams, Aspirations, Accomplishments and Lessons Learned, to me that I might give Voice to Those who wish to Communicate with, Teach and Heal the Broken Hearts of Man.

They uphold me in all things and seek to offer Their Love to those whose Hearts are weary through giving Their Words of Healing.  In turn They will Rejoice, as the Blessed Healing tends the wounds which Life has inflicted thereby bringing Peace where restlessness once roamed; Hope where despair once lurked amongst the shadows; Tears of Joy to the aching heart where Grief once had made its abode and over all, Connection where once loneliness had stalked the Home of the Heart.

The Standing Bear speaks of Healing for the Broken Hearts of Man and I Scribe for Him as is my privilege and my joy.

The Child Abigail speaks of Healing for the Grieving Hearts of Man and I Scribe for this my Child, as is my privileged delight.

There are Others, with The Standing Bear and The Child, Abigail, making up The Tribe all of whom speak and I will Scribe for Them or They will speak directly if called upon to do so.  In all aspects of Their Communication, I give Them Voice and in this I surrender my Love to Them and to The Will of The Divine Creator.

I have shared with you the relationship I have with my Tribe.  I am at one with Them, linked inexorably for all time.  The comfort of that Knowing is my gift to you that you should know how closely you, too, are linked to Those of The Realms of Spirit who walk the path beside you.

And so, from the Centre of my Being, to the Centre of your Being, I offer you my Love and thereby the Love of The Tribe of The Standing Bear.