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Working with our Power, or Totem, Animals may seem a strange concept to some of us and of course it derives directly from our Shamanic origins of our birth from many generations before us.  However, we are all able to build upon what is our inner knowing; an inner depth of feeling and awareness which comes to us Naturally, for we are all a part of Nature and Her wondrous diversity.  So in truth, we are all able to connect to Her Power and the Power of All Living Things this connection born of our connection with all of Nature.

The concept of our Sacred connection with Nature, was held as Sacred by our own Celtic Forefathers as it was by the Tribes of the Americas, Africa, Asia and Australia.  In this at least all the Tribes of Man held, and continue to hold, a common thread still running throughout the Web of Life and Everlasting Existence which binds us together as a close family.

In looking at the writings and expressions of our Forefathers, the Ancient Ones who still speak with resounding voices, we can see that every Tribe of Man has offered up rich descriptionsof the origins of Life.  In every tradition, Animals of the Land, Water and Air have been held as perfect creations of The Great Creator, of Our God, of Our Father and or Our Mother of the Earth.  It matters not what name we might choose to give The Great Spirit - a Life Force of the Immensity of Creation – for know this The Divine Creator rejoicesin the diversity of Life which has been crafted within the Heart and Mind of the Divine from the Dawn of Being.

The Great Creator placedAll Living Things upon this Earth to make the Earth Walk with us.  Each of Them has been given Their own mystic gift, talent, or power which They are able to share with us, that we might grow in Wisdom.  Above all else, Theirs is the gift of Unconditional Love.  A love which enables Them to sacrifice Themselves that Man might live; that he might house himself and those he cares for; that he might feed his own young and protect them against the rigors of the Earth Walk.All Living Things upon the face of the Earth, through the vast skies and within the waters, ask nothing in return. 

In fact, in Spirit, They choose to return to us with the perfected Gift of their Strength, Love, Endurance and constant desire to help us Walk a straight path of truth, grace and dignity.  They seek to inspire us with the Higher Graces which Man, amongst all Creation, easily loses in his greedy lust for wealth, self-assertion and all manner of self-gratification.  They call to us again from theRealms of Spirit to Heal ourselves and our brothers and sisters and by doing so, our home, the Earth, who is our nurturing Mother, that once again the Great Web of Life might resound with the joyful harmonies of peace, respect and justice for all Life.

Come then, let us journey a while with Those in Spirit who have come in Love to bring healing and self-awareness.  Let us feel the support of the Web of Life vibrating to the song of harmony which unites us all.